Our Team

Middleton Electric Light Dept's Crew Area

MELD's Team

Here's the roster of Middleton Electric Light Dept.'s personnel—Management, Office Staff, Supervisors, Linemen and our Light Commissioners.

Middleton Electric Light Dept. Personnel

Title Name
General Manager Michael Cloutier
Facilities Coordinator Bernie Walke
Office Manager Cheryl Silva
Clerk Kathy Diamontopoulos
Working Line Foreman Chuck Clinch
Line Foreman Brendan Jackson
Truck Foreman Adam Davies
Meter Tech (position temporarily vacant)
Electric Engineer Emmanuel Agouridis
Lineman Michael Beskid
Lineman Matthew Beede
Lineman Bryan Jackson
Lineman Ryan Raftery
Lineman Robert Rubchinuk

Middleton Electric Light Dept. Commissioners

Title Name
Chairman Frank Twiss
Commissioner James Carbone
Commissioner Charles S. Clinch III
Commissioner Timothy Houten
Commissioner James Kelley
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