Saving Money & Energy

St Agnes Church, Middleton, MA

Be green. Save more green.

MELD wants to help you save money any way we are able, while enjoying the better things our town has to offer. Check out the following 3 organizations. They're here to help you.


Energy New England logo

Energy New England offers MELD's customers FREE Home Energy Audits. ENE can also provide you with over-the-phone technical assistance and information about Incentives or Rebates currently being offered.

  • Request an audit directly through the Toll-Free Energy New England Hotline by calling: 888-772-4242.
  • Apply online right now with ENE's Energy Audit Intake Form. Click here.


Energy Star logo

Start saving energy now. ENERGY STAR helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the environment by helping people achieve better energy efficiency.

They provide simple, credible and unbiased information, so you can save money and reduce emissions.

Click and begin saving now.


MA CEC logo

Make the switch to cleaner energy and save money. There are a lot of great choices to help you. MA Clean Energy Center is here to show you.

There are some easy steps you can take to save energy and cut costs in your home—from adjusting your thermostat down just a few degrees to applying for rebates on energy saving technologies, and more.

Take a look at MA CEC's tips here.

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