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As MELD continues to pursue our plan to meet the Municipal Lighting Plant Greenhouse Gas Emission Standard (MLP-GGES) goals and offer our customers sustainable solutions, we have created the Renewable Energy Choice Rate. This new rate offers all MELD customers the choice to have 100% of your electricity come from renewable energy sources!

How It Works

Customers who want to participate and have their electricity be 100% renewably-sourced must complete the form below. The enrollment period must be active for a minimum period of 12 months, unless the customer’s right to occupy the premises ceases during such period. Once enrolled, the renewable energy charge (REC) will be added as a new line item to your existing bill. The renewable energy charge is subject to change due to the market conditions within ISO-NE. ISO-NE is the organization that operates the New England electric grid. All funds under this rate will be used to retire certified renewable energy certificates or equivalents. The act of retiring certificates ensures that the renewable energy cannot be resold.

Renewable Energy Choice Rate

The rate (Rate 90) will be added to your existing rate at the time of enrollment. The rate shall add, to each monthly bill, an amount equal to the total kWh billed during the month multiplied by the Renewable Energy Charge (REC), as follows:

Renewable Energy Charge (REC) = monthly kWh usage x market price of certified renewable energy certificates.
Rate 90

Complete the Renewable Energy Choice Rate Enrollment Form.

IMPORTANT! You must be the account holder in order to sign up.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Rate 90 is variable and subject to change because it is based on the REC market within ISO-NE. The average cost of a MA Class 1 REC in 2021 was around $40, which would equal $0.04 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as the renewable energy charge. For example: a residential customer who uses 500 kWh per month would add about $20.00 per month to their bill.

Paying the renewable energy charge ensures that the energy you consume was derived from a certified renewable source. This is accomplished by using the renewable energy charge to retire renewable energy credits or equivalents.

For every megawatt-hour of electricity generated by a qualified renewable energy facility, a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is created. That REC represents proof that the energy was truly renewable. So, purchasing and retiring the REC after energy is sold to an end-use customer certifies that that energy came from a renewable source.

Yes! You can enroll by completing the form above.

All customers are still able to install solar and other distributed generation pursuant to MELD’s Interconnection Standards. The Renewable Energy Choice Rate is a great alternative for customers who want to support renewable energy but cannot take on renewable projects, like renters or tenants.

Renewable energy does not produce consistent energy as does traditional fuel sourced power plants. For example, the sun can’t produce energy at night or on cloudy days and the wind does not always blow. This unpredictability in generating energy makes them more costly. However, the cost of renewables is declining due to policy shifts and increasing demand.

Yes! All MELD customers can participate in the Renewable Energy Choice Rate.

Customers who enroll in the Renewable Energy Choice Rate can cancel their enrollment at any time after the minimum period of 12-months.

To be 100% renewably sourced, all kWh under your electric account will be multiplied by the renewable energy charge, regardless of how many meters you have.

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