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Powering Up... Keeping Rates Down

MELD Hybrid Truck

MELD is environmentally-conscious, not only to keep electricity rates down now and in the future, but to make less of a carbon footprint on the planet. We diversify the sources from which we purchase electricity. Our latest truck is a hybrid – the first of any electric light company in the state!

MELD currently buys wholesale from Renewable Energy from Spruce Mt. (c/o Energy NE), River Mill Hydro Dam/Lebanon NH & Niagara Hydroelectric.

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Green Projects & Partners

  • WIND
    Spruce Mountain Wind Project allows us to provide you with green power at competitive prices. The project generates enough electricity to power nearly 9,600 homes annually.

    It is a 20-megawatt project located in Woodstock, ME and went online on December 21, 2011, just over a month after the final turbine was landed on its tower. Spruce Mountain provides renewable, carbon-free to power you and 12 other municipal light plants.

    Staff members from the participating municipal light plants and ENE stood in front of one of the Spruce Mountain Wind turbines during their site visit in November. It was a chilly and blustery day, but all were impressed by the sheer size of the turbines and their 150-ton steel towers.

    River Mill Hydroelectric Dam
    Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station.

    One of the firsts of Niagara Falls was the development of hydro-electric power in 1893. Today, with several power stations operating off it, the Niagara River generates about 4 million kilowatts (5 million horsepower). The Robert Moses station on the US side, opened in 1963. It's located down- river from the Falls, where the drop in elevation of the river gorge is greatest and the force of gravity through the penstocks drives the turbines.

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MELD Spruce Mt Wind Project

Spruce Mountain Wind Project and MUNI representatives at grand opening. 10 turbines stand up to 375' above ground level at their highest point. Each tower weighs more than 150 tons.

MELD Niagara Falls hydropower

Everybody knows Niagara Falls. Besides making electricity during honeymoons, water power at this North American giant comes from several innovative power generation projects that are actually slowing the erosion of the falls.