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Essential Information for MELD Electric Service

Special services definitely require an appointment, estimate for services and deposit. Please ask the MELD staff for more information at (978) 774-4313.

Starting New Service

New Service

To begin electrical service, you must contact our office at 197 North Main Street to complete a Service Application, and provide MELD with necessary information. 

The office is open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Call us at (978) 774-4313. We need a minimum of 24 hours notice to commence service.

New Homeowners

New Homeowners Service

If you are closing on a house, MELD needs 48 hours to have one of our employees come and read your meter. 

A Final Bill is needed for all Closings.

Call us or stop in to our office. We will help you complete your Service Application.

Discontinuing Service

Electric Meter

Stopping service just requires a phone call to MELD.

You'll be required to provide your name, the address at which you are stopping service, plus a forwarding address and new phone number.

Contact us at (978) 774-4313. 

Special Services

Special Services

For Special Services such as Line Extensions and System Upgrades, please call our office for an appointment and estimate. 

Once an estimate is provided – 33% of the total cost must be paid before work can start. We'll walk you through the process.

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