MELD Community Solar

Middleton Community Solar

Tap Into The Sun!

Middleton Electric Light Department is partnering with an innovative, large-scale developer to build a utility scale solar generation facility right here in Middleton. And we're offering the solar project’s generation directly to MELD customers who opt-in to the program.

There is no cost to you – all you need to do is simply sign up using one of the Enrollment Forms on this page.

All of our customers are potentially eligible to participate (until the portfolio is fully subscribed). So, please join other members of your community and make your Community Solar Project a success by joining quickly.

You'll get:

  •   Clean, renewable energy for your home or business.
  •   Reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.
  •   Keep our energy rates stable.
  •   Easy, FREE way to participate in a solar project.
  •   Help us reach our community renewable energy goals.
  •   Assist social/community groups (of your choosing by signing up). Click below for your Residential Enrollment Form!

Residential Community Solar RESIDENTIAL DETAILS &

In addition to all the great eco-benefits of this project, the solar developer has set aside a one-time budget to benefit a number of Middleton’s non-profit community-based organizations! By simply checking one of the boxes on your Residential Enrollment Form, we will contribute $5.00/election to that organization (up to the first 400 applications received).

Learn which community organizations you can choose from by downloading your form now.CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR RESIDENTIAL ENROLLMENT FORM.

Commercial Community Solar COMMERCIAL DETAILS &

Businesses can participate in MELD's Community Solar Project too!

Download and submit your application right away. This is a limited portfolio. Act soon.

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